January 10, 2019 Ex Angelia Salim

Food Packaging

Food packaging is a material used to protect food from damage or contamination from outside bacteria. Every food and beverage product sold on the market is packed with different materials, such as plastic, aluminum, paper, or environmentally friendly materials such as PLA, wood, and bagasse.

Food grade itself is a standard for testing the feasibility of a material used for food. When the type of packaging is classified as non-food grade, this means that the packaging has the potential to cause harm to the health of the body.

Altindo Mulia is a company engaged in food packaging since 1960. We provide various types of food packaging made from a variety of ingredients and have been food grade verified. One of our premium products is Best Fresh Cling Wrap. Where the quality has been tested and widely used to support house work to heavy duty as in supermarkets, hospitals, and others. In addition there are also Aluminum Foil Roll, Aluminum Tray, Paper Cupcake, Mika box, and Sushi Tray.

Of course we also care about the environment, where we provide bio-degradable packaging that is environmentally friendly. Our bio-degradable products range from wood, brown kraft paper, PLA, and bagasse. The types of packaging we provide also vary from Cup to Lunch Box.


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