Product Range of Paper Variety

Best Fresh Packaging are specialists in wholesale packaging supplies. We stock different packaging papers to suit your needs, No matter the application for your packing paper; you will find a suitable paper in our range. Best Fresh Packaging range of packing papers includes corrugated paper, paper cup, paper bag, paper lunch box, paper tray etc. Using packaging paper is a great way to secure your contents and prevent costly damages, eco friendly as well.

Our Lineup Products

Bamboo Cup
Bagasse Plate
Bagasse Lunch Box
Lunch Box Sekat 3
Bagasse Burger Box
Piping Bag
Food Pail 10 – 12 OZ
Paper Plate 6 – 9″
Paper Bag French Fries
Paper Bag Satchel
Rice Paper
Paper Bag Brown or White
Baking Paper
Baking Paper Tube
Paper Bag Bread
Brown Paper Cup LID (Drink)
Brown Paper Cup (Drink)
Brown Paper Cup (Chip)
Brown Paper Cup (Soup)
Brown Paper Box (Burger)
Brown Paper LID (Soup)
Brown Paper Food Box
Brown Paper LunchBox + Window
Flat Bottom Kraft + Valve + Zipper
STP Pouch Kraft Comb + Zipper
Flat Bottom Kraft Window + Zipper
STP Kraft Window + Zipper
PET CC Bulat Kraft Cake
PET CC Polygonal
PET CC Bulat
Long Square CC
Sun Flower Cup
PET CC Tulip
Muffin CC
Curling CC
Square CC
PET CC Square
Cake Case Curling
Paper Cup 6.5 – 16 OZ
Paper Cup 2 – 4 OZ
Paper Cup Print + Handle
Paper Cup Print Coffee
Cup Corrugated Printing
Paper Printing 2 – 8 OZ
Lid Cup Hips Putih
Lid Dome 12 – 22 OZ
Lid Flat 12 – 22 OZ
Paper Cup Print CORRU.
Paper Cup Polos CORRU.
Paper Cup Print 12 – 22 OZ
Paper Cup 12 – 22 OZ
Lid Hips
Ice Cream Cup Motif
Ice Cream Cup Polos
Lid Paper Bowl 360-800 ML
Paper Bowl 360-800 ML
Lunch Box
Paper Meal Burger Box
Paper Meal Hot Dog Box