December 17, 2018 Ex Angelia Salim

Safe and Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

As a Supplier of Food Packaging, Best Fresh flagship products that we have are Cling Wrap, Aluminum Foil Roll, and also Aluminum Tray. We are very committed to always developing products creatively and always be an alternative product to meet the increasing market demand.

In addition, Best Fresh also prioritizes consumer health. With the verification of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on our products that ensure public security and ensure food, medical and cosmetics products are marketed to consumers in accordance with the promises given by manufacturers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also regulates how food packaging is appropriate for consumers.

Besides being safe for consumer safety, some of the Best Fresh products are also verified as Halal. Halal has become a world trend, quite a number of companies even in Europe, who are interested in applying for halal certification. Because, halal has become one of the controls in maintaining material purity and food health and safety.

Environmental safety is also one of the Best Fresh concerns. With the existence of environmentally friendly food packaging products, it is expected to help the issue of garbage that is increasingly piled up, specifically plastic, in Indonesia. These products are made from biodegradable materials such as Bagasse, PLA, Brown Kraft Paper, and Wood which are available from cutlery to food packaging.

As a food packaging supplier that has many certificates, we are ready to help and fulfil any of your food packaging needs which is certainly safe to be used by humans and also for the environment.

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